Hi! I'm Oli, a Gibraltar based Web Designer and Developer, you can use this site to check out my work, find out a bit more about me or get in touch.

Website Concepts

Website Design

Tags: Design, Designed & Built

•  Photoshop website concepts
•  Designed for standards compliant, dynamic sites.
•  Individual, bespoke designs - no template use.
•  Designed to be usable, accessible & SEO friendly Read More

Web Development

Web Development

Tags: Development, PHP, CSS

•  Built for search engine optimisation
•  Vaild HTML and CSS
•  PHP content management system
•  MySQL database on the backend
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HTML Email Designs

HTML Email Design

•  Designed in Photoshop
•  Each has to be attractive and unique
•  Most were sent to over 70k recipients
•  Include analytics code to monitor open rate, etc
•  Text-only email for mobile devices, etc
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About Me

Im a Gibraltar based Web Designer, I enjoy Mountain Biking, Climbing and Skiing. I'm always interested in freelance work...
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I'm mainly a front-end designer/developer (although I have dabbled in hardcore development), my toolkit is PHP, Jquery, HTML, CSS and Photoshop...
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